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Hubac Digital

Results Oriented
Digital Marketing Company

Hubac is a trusted Digital Marketing Company with worldwide business experience for over two decades. Chosen by both customers who are either new or experienced in the field of SEO. Each can count on our team of SEO specialists. With the aim of starting or growing your company with a guaranteed top strategy. We also offer Local SEO services including Google My Business (GMB) and other internet marketing services. With proven results of hundreds of satisfied clients since our start in 2008, we can offer your business thorough extensive and adhesive digital marketing campaigns. We adjust our own digital methods accordingly to be sure that we match and keep up with technology. Using Google for instance as a prime example, we insure that we follow Google guidelines in order to keep our ranking higher in search engine, consequently applying the same methodology to our customers.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Digital marketing consulting services which includes Auditing, analyzing, advising, and improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, in addition to copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Additionally, we can improve your web design and develop your website, whether you have an Ecommerce business or operate as a B2B. In other words, we build a website for you if you don’t have one.

Our Speciality
Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

We select only the right service for you. We will not sell you a Digital service that you won’t need.

seo services

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization services following Google best practices. We are experts in SEO since 2008



Customizing your online store. We are Shopify partners, we work with all Ecommerce platforms as well

content writing

Content Writing

Writing that is only done by native English speakers. Storytelling style content that will keep readers interested and google as well.

digital marketing training courses


Digital Marketing Training courses as well as SEO Training. We will travel to your located and train your teams on cutting edge technologies.



From CMS implementations such as wordpress, joomla and Drupal to salesforce integrations and plugin installation we do it all.

online marketing agency

Digital Marketing Strategy

How We do it?
Tailored Digital Strategy

Unique Approach

Will have a unique marketing approach that will certainly deliver the best results for your website.
We have used this approach with many websites like yours.


Suggesting the right service for you. We work on a broad spectrum providing everything from PPC and campaigns to optimizing your website for SEO in addition to other digital services that we provide.

Strategy and Execution

After matching your business with the right digital marketing service, we will formulate the right strategy that would work best for your business.

local seo services خدمات السيو و التسويق عبر النت

Want your website to found locally? Let’s optimize your website for local search with our local Seo services.

ecommerce seo

Do you have an Ecommerce online store? not receiving enough web traffic. Our Ecommerce SEO can help.

Shopify services

Let us build and customize your Shopify online store. Hubac is a Shopify partner and we can help.

conversion rate optimization


Traffic without making a sale or without results? Use our CRO services to get better conversions.

seo pricing package

Want Digital Marketing to help your business but don’t know where to begin? It all starts right here.

b2b lead generation

Do you sell your products or services to other businesses? need more leads for your sales team?

content writing services

Looking for content for your website? Unique Blog posts, guides and long form SEO content using storytelling.

digital marketing training

Looking for Digital Marketing Training course or an SEO Course? We’ve got you covered.

Choosing an Agency that works for you

Why are we amongst the top
Internet Marketing Agencies?

Selecting the right digital marketing agency should be done with great care. Firstly you must be sure that you can trust them with your company’s website and marketing. Secondly, it is important to set your expectations from the marketing agency.

For example:
Asking a question about how long does it take to get results from SEO?

Asking how long your website will get organic results from search engine is a disclosure that provide upfront. Similarly, other questions such as digital marketing monthly fees is also an important question to ask to any and almost all digital marketing agencies.

Increasing your web traffic for websites and Online stores

Most Internet Marketing companies can generate traffic for your website, but at Hubac Digital we go beyond generating traffic. We create sales leads by increasing traffic and sales for your Ecommerce store subsequently creating a firm online marketing strategy that will attract online customers as a result.

By analyzing your brand, we can create a custom-made strategy that will enhance your presence online and improve your business. We look long term at the business needs and work with a milestone plan with measurable goals.

Our work is based on a strategy not just random

We also base our strategy on data which is tailored to your target customer. On the other hand, most digital agencies lack providing custom digital strategies for their clients. The results can be fatal if you have a Digital campaign without planning. At Hubac Digital we believe that knowing our client’s target customers is key to success.

Establishing your online brand authority

Your online presence is important, it is crucial to decide which platforms and channels are visited by your target customers. Our results-oriented marketing team can establish your online brand authority.

Selecting the right channels

With years of experience Hubac will guarantee your company the best strategies that will result in high ranking in SERPS. Achieving higher ranking in search engines will also build domain authority.

Choosing the right Social Media platform

Social media marketing will be implemented with great efforts to give you a great return on investment. At this point choosing the right content used on your channels for your social media campaign will give you an edge over your competition.

What will a digital marketing agency do for you?
seo training course
SEO Services

results from an SEO Company WITH QUALITY SERVICES

Team of SEO experts and More

You want to create a steady increase of sales growth. At Hubac Digital we have an experienced team of strategists, SEO experts in addition to a web design team, content team and web developers. All together can offer you a unique digital marketing mix.

When you build they will not come by themselves.

Everyone can start a website, but if a search engine cannot find it, it is useless. In other words, building a website is not enough at this point, you may need to market your website to other. Consequently, creating online awareness, a presence, is key for success. The right design of your website, the way it has been set up, the SEO and social media presence for instance will contribute to your online marketing success. Similarly there are many other factors which will boost your online presence.

Internet Marketing Process

Marketing is on going process thus improving, testing, and adjusting the strategy on consistent basis will achieve your desired results. As with all other agencies we will keep analyzing and monitoring your web traffic, and find the best platforms suited for your business to invest in, while Keeping an eye on the results provided by the activities of the campaign.

Online Marketing for Small & Medium size businesses.

At Hubac we help SMB’s with custom made online marketing strategies. We have helped hundreds of companies increase their bottom line using our lead generation strategies. We will boost your online presence that will cut your marketing costs as a result. All which will decrease marketing costs.


One Stop Shop
Internet Marketing Agency

If your business feels that it needs to go beyond traditional marketing, then Hubac is the right address. We have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes and in all niches attain the results that they desired.

Whether you want to increase leads, have more customer contact through phone, more sales, or more traffic, our digital marketing experts can do it all. As we have done for our hundreds of clients, we can do it for you. All you have to do is firstly contact us and ask a free strategy proposal to experience one of the highest rated SEO agencies in the world. Secondly, we advice that you will become receptive to all our suggestions. Your success is a good reference for us to use with other clients.

Why are we amongst the top Internet Marketing Companies?

Reasons why:

  • Professionals in PPC management, SEO, online and display marketing
  • The only agency generating, validating, and reporting real time organic sales
  • Local SEO specialists
  • Proprietary lead technology and marketing experts
  • We work with state-of-the-art call tracking technology
  • Experts in generating traffic and revenue for E-commerce businesses
Clixplus digital marketing company

Going beyond SEO and Paid ads

Top SEO Company That gets you the traffic

We pride ourselves being more than an average SEO Company. Business owners who are wanting to scale up their business know the importance of the right SEO Strategy.

Old hand in the game SEO Specialists

ClixPlus specialized SEO team will create a unique SEO plan for your business implementing on-page, and off-page SEO. Our specialists will perform keyword research. Meanwhile, our content writers will write quality content that will keep audience on your website. At Hubac Digital, our teams work hand in hand, all our successful SEO campaigns are a result of teams in harmony.

SEO Plans

Our SEO’s will look at your competition frequently and will keep tabs on them and even benchmark their strategies. At Hubac Digital we will offer various SEO plans for you to choose from. All our SEO Packages include content optimization and link building. Each website has a unique Search Engine Optimization plan that works best. We will tailor the right SEO Plan that only words best for your website.

SEO Packages

Choosing Hubac Digital will give your business a great advantage over your competitors. Hubac leads in all areas of digital marketing including paid ads known as PPC. Increasing organic traffic using SEO can take few month to see results. Paid ads are a good solution for businesses that are looking for fast results.

Looking for Digital Marketing or SEO Training?

Digital Marketing Training

If you wish to learn more about digital marketing Hubac Digital can help you as a trainer. By visiting your business and meeting with your marketing teams to show the latest developments in Digital Marketing. Knowing which channels are the most effective to use and how to create the right content suitable for your business is part of what we can show you. How to create, plan and execute Digital Marketing strategies as well as guiding B2B and B2C into the right directions. Every type of business can receive the right Digital Strategy from Hubac. Our SEO Training does all the magic and can boost your SEO Skills by signing up for our emarketing training.

B2B Digital Marketing Training

Training for all size businesses, from small to enterprises. Having years of experienced training marketing teams all over the world, from the middle east to United Kingdom, we can offer you the same. We have training courses in all levels of expertise in Social media marketing and E-commerce.

Hands on internet marketing training

What distinguishes our trainers from others is that they have hands on experience working in the field. Our trainers have become such only because of their own success helping businesses grow. Therefore, they can show you what works, as the strategies have been used before with success. Our trainers are experts how to grow organic traffic, get leads, and convert it into sales. And as a result, have a better ROI.

digital marketing training
ecommerce services

Our Ecommerce services


Marketing Channels for E-Commerce

There are different types of channels to attract buying customers; social media, search engines and email campaigns to name a few. The world of E-commerce needs a specific strategy for a Digital Marketing campaign. As Ecommerce stores are visual, showcasing your products is important on all channels. Using your social media as a channel to promote your products engages the audience to visit your store. Using the right images is crucial.

Even Instagram can be optimized

Many stores use Instagram as a channel for their online Digital Marketing. It is a great platform to expand your reach for visitors who have never heard of your store. On Instagram you can use a business account to create products that can be bought from Instagram; called shoppable content. Knowing how to use the right strategy with a social feed and the right tags will convert the audience to go directly to a shopping cart.

Platform Match

We offer a unique combination of SEO and Digital Marketing for Ecommerce businesses and have been very successful doing so. We use different channels as part of out marketing strategies. By posting quality content with engaging information customers will find their way to your store. When you launch an Ecommerce campaign you do the same, but you need to know which platform to post on, and how to create the right content.

CRO Services for Online Stores

An online store can have many visitors, but the key is to convert leads, into sales, to create conversions. This is one of the most challenging things to do in Ecommerce. How do you do this? First you must understand that conversions can come in many ways, the most known of course is a successful sale. When a customer places a product into the cart, that is a conversion as well. At Hubac Digital we use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) where we increase the percentage of conversions over time. CRO looks at the different elements of the online store determining what the most effective strategy is for conversions. Conversion rate optimization also involves (A/B testing) will also decrease your bounce rate.

Being a top player in the field of Internet Marketing for many years means we can offer you websites build around a quality SEO strategy containing:

This all will increase organic traffic and leads converting into sales.

Looking to develop or customize a cms?

CMS Website Design
& Development

Thinking about a Content Management System(CMS) website? Our Development team can setup and customize your wordpress, Joomla or even Drupal website. We will add all the plugins and module that we needed to make it work. A website needs to be updated frequently, it must be engaging and attract customers. If it does not do so, you need a professional agency to help you. Hubac has a team of experts who all together specialize in all facets of web development and designing responsive websites including CMS platforms. We will insure that your website will look attractive and beautiful on all mediums, mobile, tablet and computer this is called a responsive website. Going beyond deployment Hubac Digital can also help you increase leads and sales directly from your website. Hubac can also help with Salesforce integrations for your website or Ecommerce online store.

online store design development

We go
The extra mile for you

going beyond the average approach of a marketing company, as we have like-minded professionals working in the team. They know how to think as a business and increase your organic traffic for more sales. At Hubac you can be sure that we will create the right digital marketing campaign to help your business grow.

Successful since 2008

We have been Providing Online Marketing including SEO Services & Campaign mgmt for companies in Dubai, U.A.E , Riyadah KSA, Cairo Egypt in addition to U.S and Canada. We also have customers in United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Team of 20 Experts

Our Digital team include SEO specialists, paid ads experts, Content Writers, Web Designers and Web Developers. All of our team work hand in hand in order to achieve one goal. Their goals is your website presence

We Actually listen to you

You will receive many requests, emails and offers from Digital Agencies and SEO companies promising you everything. There is only one problem. They don’t listen to you and learn about your business model. We do it differently at Hubac Digital.

SEO Pricing
Hubac SEO Packages & Offers

Basic Optimization

$ 399 Monthly
  • Basic Website Audit
  • Competition Analysis
  • Basic Keyword Discovery
  • Startup Backlinks
  • Title & Meta optimizations
  • Basic Content Optimization
  • Website architecture audit
  • Robots. Txt optimization
  • Basic Internal Link Audit
  • Content Quality Check
  • Basic Google Core Vitals
  • Sitemap Generation
  • 5 Webpages optimized
  • Canonicalization Check

Boost Optimization

$ 599 Monthly
  • Full Website Audit
  • Competition Deep Analysis
  • Advanced Mid long tail keywords
  • Deep Backlinking Strategy
  • Tweaking Titles and Metas
  • 10 Page Content Optimization
  • Advanced Website architecture
  • Optimization for Mobile
  • Google Console setup
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Schema Setup
  • 10 Webpages Optimized
  • Internal linking
  • 5 Blog posts per month

Advanced Optimization

$ 899 Monthly
  • Advanced Image Compression
  • Full Google Core Vitals SEO
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Niched Backlinks
  • Local SEO
  • Redirecting orphaned links
  • Diversified Internal Linking
  • UX UI Audit
  • Hosting Server Speed
  • Advanced Mobile SEO
  • Flesch Reading Score Boost
  • 30 Webpages Optimized
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Website Conversion Setup
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Digital Marketing Agency that knows sales

Internet Marketing
Done by Ex Salesmen

We know how and when to ask for the sale. We apply basic sales methodologies including explained features and benefits. We audit your content and localize it for your audience. We will monitor your website traffic daily to provide with custom reports and executive dashboards.


Improving your business marketing...

Our priorities have always remained the same: to help companies maximize their marketing ROI, accelerate customer growth, and gain a lasting competitive edge in their industries. Our background in traditional marketing, give us a creative approach to do just that.

More and more

talk to our consulting team, contact us via the form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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