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Hubac Digital is one of the top leading digital marketing agency in egypt and the Middle East. Digital Marketing Company that will help your website grow successfully and consistent through a thorough online digital marketing strategy. We will create a digital marketing strategy to help your business grow conversions, traffic and will help you gain more revenue. Choosing a top marketing agency like Hubac will guarantee your website to be found and gain Leads from customers who are looking for you right now.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing done online. This is a comprehensive way of conducting marketing and this is something Hubac Digital can offer your business.

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Digital Marketing Common Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Agency FAQ

Digital marketing is another term for online marketing and is shortly said all the marketing strategies conducted through online channels. It is a crucial part of any online business model as its purpose is to help your business be discovered, attract customers, get leads and be able to turn them into sales and returning customers.
If you know that almost everyone conducts an online search to find a product or service, you can be sure that it is crucial to have a digital marketing campaign being an online business.

At Hubac Digital we offer comprehensive and uniquely tailored digital marketing:
• Website design
• Social Media
• Email marketing
• Instant chat services
• Analytics and tracking
• Video marketing
• Branding

Standard in any digital marketing strategy would be SEO, PPC and website design. Depending on your goals, budget, and your business model we can uniquely tailor any more services that you need.

Packages come in different prices and can be anything from 800 to 4800 dollar a month.

Inbound marketing is an umbrella term for many methods of marketing as content marketing, PPC, SEO and social media marketing. All are focused on attracting potential customers with content that they are looking for. It is specifically targeted for a specific audience and very effective.

At Hubac we generate monthly reports showing a great eye for detail. We will demonstrate this during our intake call.

What makes Hubac Digital one of the top digital agencies is that we work with a strong network of highly qualified and specialized experts in the field. We work with project teams consisting of every specialization that you need for the success of your digital marketing campaign. By having highly qualified people we have a lower overhead cost which will be translated in the project costs.

Best practices in Digital Marketing Agency

At Hubac Digital we pride ourselves having set the standards in the field of digital marketing. We never stop to keep up with the expectations of the customers making sure that they are always beyond satisfied with our services.

Hubac Digital is one of the top marketing agencies due to its innovative approach and high standards. It consists of professionals who are all highly skilled with many years of field experience and possess a creative and client friendly methodology. We have years of experience with hundreds of clients who all have a successful long-term growth online with more sales and a higher profit.

Working together with only the best in their fields, experts specialized in PPC, SEO, Website design & development and content creation has made us one of the best agencies in 2021. We will provide you with unique, creative, and high-quality work that will give your business the results that it seeks. With a higher brand awareness, you will be able to see your ROI increase.

Digital Marketing Agency FAQS

Crush the competition Digital Marketing Services

Speciality Digital Marketing Services That we provide

Content Marketing Services

Your website needs great content written to attract potential clients and establishing brand awareness. Content marketing services can help your website rank better is search engines. This is part of our Digital Marketing services that we offer at hubac.

Get quality content writing services done by expert website and blog content experts.

Facebook marketing

Facebook is a very powerful medium, as many of your customers spend a significant amount of time on the platform. A business can chose advertisement in Google Ads, but a Facebook campaign can be much more affective. This because there are more options to narrow down your targeted audience choosing race, geographics, age and interests.
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We Keep tabs on your competition

Competitive analysis

When we work with a client at Hubac , we will always start by conducting a competitive analysis where we will SWOT your business’s brand from a marketing perspective. Looking at possible threats and weaknesses and expose your strengths and opportunities will give you valuable insights. We do this because we intend to help you gain results long term. Every business in unique and can expect a custom-made marketing plan, tailored for results.

One Stop Shop Digital marketing services

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

When a marketing strategy is deployed, it is crucial to know how it is performing. How many converting visitors has your website gained? At Hubac Digital we have conversion rate specialists who will implement different tests to ensure the highest visit to lead conversion rates by adjusting where needed. Whatever niche you are in we can customize your strategy to improve your website conversion rates significantly.

Website design and development

Content marketing uses different mediums and visuals, from blogs to video, or compelling infographics which are all are used in content marketing. And of course, the social media platforms will be used to share posts of your website. All mediums are used in a strategic content marketing plan. At Hubac Digital we will make your content stands out on your landing pages, blogs, and articles, and we can write E-books, newsletters and much more. We have a professional team of writers based in the US who can grow your presence organically with a higher revenue in return.


LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B operations, with the most profiles making business decisions themselves. It is a great platform to connect with potential customers through LinkedIn advertisements. We can help you set this up, creating leads from business leaders themselves.

Pay per Click (PPC)

Almost all online experiences start with a search engine but almost half the visitors conducting a search will click on the top 3 paid ads on a result page of Google. With pay per click a company can attract more high-quality traffic to its website, with more leads and sales as a result. And this is a proven, fast method.

It is also called SEM (search engine marketing) and works by creating an advertisement where you chose keywords that are highly ranked for your business or products. Whenever you use a search engine you will see these ads online. An algorithm based on the keywords and the bid you have placed on the keywords will have the search engine decide which ad to show on top of the page.

When creating an advertisement with Google ads you only pay for your advertisement when Google shows it. With PPC you only must pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can control the costs as you can set up a maximum amount per campaign or per keyword.

When choosing PPC advertisement it will be crucial to have professional assistance choosing the right keywords and amount to bid and create the best content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every digital marketing campaign starts with a thorough SEO marketing. Part of this is optimizing your SEO strategy ensuring that you steadily grow your online authority. This will mean that you attract more qualified leads and sales through SEO. SEO optimization is always one of the most crucial parts of any digital marketing campaign as it will affect every strategy in the campaign. Without effective SEO your website will not appear in any search engines, and potential customers will never find your business.

Search engines work with complex algorithms to decide if your website is the one that the visitor is searching for. With search engine optimization we can optimize all your content ensuring that the search engines will find your website before they find your competitor. At Hubac we can help your website’s SEO optimization through keyword research, the creation of backlinks and internal links and many more methods of optimization.


And More Digital services

Social media marketing

Almost half of all adults globally has a social network profile and spends at least 2 hours every day on social media platforms. So you can understand the potential to find your customers through social media in immense. You can promote your business through a multitude of platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Video Marketing

Visuals are getting more important in digital marketing; users prefer often to have visuals above text. As it is in 2021 video’s count for more then 80 % of the global traffic online, giving a great opportunity to be used in digital marketing.

Branding and creative services

Branding is key for success. Your website needs a strong brand strategy to communicate your business to your customer. Your brand’s design will tell the customer if you are trustworthy, and if you have quality. A strong brand will last long term in creating successful customer relationships, and greater revenue. A brand must show benefits, not just features. Think of Apple and Steve Jobs. Many millennials want an iPhone not necessary because of the features, but because what they feel Apple represents.

Quality link building

Link building is not easy if you have never had any experience with it. It can even be risky as the wrong links will pull your domain authority down. Getting other high-quality websites linking to your website will increase your domain authority and increase your credibility with the search engines. At Hubac we have an extensive network where we can utilize different sources for links. We only use white hat links, which means they are organic and not machine made. Never be fooled by agencies who can offer you 100 links for a few dollars, they will pull your websites ranking and authority down.

Local SEO

When looking for a local business to get a product or service almost everyone will conduct an online search, and most of them will use a mobile phone. Through local search engine optimization, you can make sure that potential customers from your location will find you. At Hubac we can help your business to be found locally.

Website chat services

Hubac chat service closes the gap between you and your customer and helps to smooth communication between you, making it easier and simpler. We can offer both live chat an AI-based chat options, giving you the option to increase your customer service response time and provide high quality customer service.

Lead recovery

It can happen that you lose a lead through a customer service representative. One is not as bad, but it is interesting to look at how much revenue you have lost from dropped leads. At Hubac we offer lead recovery services where we can analyze and monitor where things go wrong, and help you improve your customer service. This will reduce the long-term marketing costs and you will get more leads.


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