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At Hubac we have one mission; to help our clients have successful online businesses. We can help Ecommerce stores with custom made solutions created to maximize your revenue. Having years of success doing so we can offer a vast range of solutions. Whether you are looking for a consultation, or a complete Ecommerce strategy, we have it all. Our specialized team is extremely skilled when it comes to helping your business grow and expand through customized Ecommerce services.

We have technical expertise to help your Ecommerce store be successful as:
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Ecommerce stores across the GCC region

We have many years of experience building Ecommerce businesses that are now successful across the complete GCC region. With more and more business expanding into the middle east region, we pride ourselves in being the top agency to support you. From Dubai to Riyadh, we can use the language of your choice, including Arabic, Hebrew and traditional LTR languages.

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Ecommerce Definition

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce and is the process of selling products online, in a virtual store. Depending on the business model products can be shipped all over the world, and payments can be done easily and safe. All you need is an online shop with a delivery system, and a payment system, to sell your product online.

Ecommerce sometimes gets referred to as E-business, as all transactions are done online. This does not have to be physical products, businesses selling services can also be considered an Ecommerce store.

B2B & B2C

Different types of Ecommerce

B2B Business to Business

Business 2 Business is, as the names says, a business who targets other businesses to buy their products or services. IT services, building materials, or an accountancy firm are all B2B.

B2C Business to Consumer

Here the consumer is the customer, and this is the most used business model. Everything that we, the consumer, want, and need comes through a B2C business.

C2C Consumer to Consumer

Through C2C there is no official registered business involved. Platforms as Etsy and eBay are great examples of C2C

C2B Consumer to Business

When a consumer sells their products or service (more often a service) to a business. As a freelancer you are considered a C2B.
Types of Ecommerce
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Examples of Ecommerce websites

All examples used are for educational purposes only. Hubac is not associated with any of the stores listed below

This is a business model with an online store that sells specific items of one business, or individual. Apple is great example selling only Apple products. The website represents one reseller. These business models may seem far reached for start ups but Ecommerce website builders have created technology to make it available for everyone. One does not need a large budget or be highly technical skilled. Most startups chose at first to become an online retailer (point 2), but it can be easily done to become an individual brand website.
This is an Ecommerce store that represents several sellers. On the Ecommerce website you will find different products offered by different retailers. The Ecommerce store has authority over the content and imaging and must create a beautiful store. As an example, an online store where you can buy a multitude of different computer brands, not just Apple.
You can have total control over the complete process, from ordering to shipment. Or you are an in between seller with a Shopify store mediating between seller and buyer and getting a percentage.
A marketplace is a website with multiple sellers. Think of Amazon or eBay. There are often restrictions to what can be sold, but they also provide the safety for any disputes to be solved. Payment systems are arranged via them, but how you want to set up your store visually is completely up to you.


Ecommerce platforms

In order to start an Ecommerce store you will need a software application that can allow your business to build an online store. Not just that, the software will help you manage your marketing, sales, and analysis. There are platforms for big companies as BigCommerce who integrate the most used business tools easily. This ensures that all business activities are centralized, and the running of the business is easily done.

At Hubac we can provide your business with comprehensive website design and to plan, build, and execute your online store. We can provide Ecommerce stores for all sizes of business. Contact us today to learn what we can offer you.

ecommerce services

Magento & Woocommerce and shopify

At Hubac we use the following platforms

Our ecommerce website development services for online businesses feature the Magento ecommerce platform. This free ecommerce CMS is flexible, has plenty of options, and gives ecommerce website owners and managers all the tools they need to become top Ecommerce businesses in their niche, and include the abilities to properly track and manage inventory, monitor, and complete orders, and add media to their website on the fly.
With a free WordPress plugin, you can easily start an online store using WooCommerce. You only need a WordPress website to start. When installing the plugin, you can change your website easily into a professional Ecommerce store.

Shopify is a complete package that has different types of subscriptions, for every size of business. It is extremely popular due to the low costs, especially for startups. With a few clicks you will have a fully working store that can market, sell, and ship products. It has different payment gateways to chose from, and it is safe for customers to buy from. We highly recommend Shopify.

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How do I choose the right platform?

When choosing the right platform, you need to decide whether you want to host your store yourself, or have it hosted by another party. Big Commerce gives you the option to host yourself, this is often for big companies, large in scale. Shopify will host for you, which takes away the troubles of setting up and maintaining a server.
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Ecommerce Services

What can Hubac offer you for your Ecommerce services?

We have specialized Ecommerce store customization services which can provide you more than the average store designs. This can give you a unique brand identity which will be of great benefit long term. We can optimize your store anyway how you prefer, optimizing the experience that your customers will have online in your store.

Depending on the number of products that you offer, will be deciding how big the need is for your store to meet more complex requirements. With Hubac building a custom-made Ecommerce store for you, you can offer the best shopping experience for your customers.

The world of technical innovation for Ecommerce businesses is growing rapidly, and businesses require more often custom-made solutions for their website. Hubac is a leading provider building innovative Ecommerce solutions offering you the right plugins and modules according to the latest technologies.

A crucial part of any Ecommerce store is the implementation of the payment gateways. Giving your customer the option to chose out of multiple payment options enhances the chance of having sales. Hubac has extensive experience with a broad range of payment providers and can integrate all the major payment solutions. It will all help to give your customer a great experience conducting sales in your store.

oUR Ecommerce SERVICES

Product Descriptions

You want the search engines to find your products when a customer conducts a search. This is done using the right product descriptions ensuring that every landing page will be optimal for the search engines.
At Hubac we can provide you with a unique Ecommerce website, which is the foundation of your online business. When it has been built, the real work starts. Marketing, which we can help you with as well. We offer additional services to help you grow your brand online and get more traffic. At Hubac we can offer you everything you need to have a successful running online business, like the complete digital marketing package which includes SEO and marketing. All marketing strategies are always custom made for our clients.

Contact us today to find out what we can offer you, we can help you improve and grow your online business every step of the way.
Custom made logo, taglines, and your companies branding. After which we will ensure that your Ecommerce store adheres to the standard branding practices, giving you a professional branding, uniform throughout the store.
We have taken thousands of product photos. We can take them at one of our locations or we can come on site and facilitate for you.
We have inhouse graphic designers who can retouch your images to make them suitable for marketing campaigns. Our designers know how to be creative and artistic offering unique captivating imagery for your products. This will grab the customers attention to your website and social media.
It is extremely important that the text with your product image tells the customer what they will be buying, in a way that they feel it will provide a solution to their problem. Adding benefits to the features is something we will always do.
Search Engine Optimization is one of the cores of our business, and we pride ourselves being in the top of agencies that can help your business grow online. Helping your customers find your online store through search engines is what we can do easily.
We use Google Ads to create compelling ads online and direct more traffic to your website. Based on keyword research we can have your site appear in the right searches.
We use paid ads to help your product imagery appear at the top of Google search
Connecting your store to social media pages and creating compelling Ads to get more traffic to your store. The implementation and the monitoring are both included.
Engaging with your customers through consistent and relevant content through your social media channels, whether that is Facebook or Instagram. Engagement is extremely important, and we can provide you with branded posts that will make the reader buy what you sell.

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