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What is a CMS?

Content Management System (CMS)

What is CMS?

A Content Management System is a management software which is used to keep the content of a website up to date. A CMS system has multiple functions and can easily retrieve, update, or delete existing content on your website. Any form of content can be processed in a CMS system, be it text or visuals. The most common is WordPress with almost 62% cms marketshare.
There are two different Content Management Systems that we will address here.
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All Types of CMS's

Different types of CMS

When you have a website, especially when it is for your business, having a good CMS system is extremely important. How to choose the right system one might ask? By understanding the different features and benefits, a business can decide accordingly to the budget. CMS systems come in different price models, and every size of business can find one that fits their business model. An Ecommerce store will need a different type of CMS then a lawyer firm.

Open-source CMS

Open source means that the software can be downloaded free of charge. It is great for startups who might not have the budgets yet to pay for a license or upgrade fees. However, often there are some small costs to add extra plugins and add-ons. Open source will consist of a basic all-round package, which can be updated and customized against additional fees.

Open-source CMS can be installed and easily managed from a webserver and can be customized according to the demands of the website. Every website will have a different business model, as explained before, an Ecommerce store will need different plugins and addons then a lawyer firm. Ecommerce stores will often need addons to grab content and optimize this accordingly. You can customize the themes fitting your businesses requirements.

Proprietary CMS platforms

Proprietary or commercial CMS software is a platform that is build, developed, and maintained by one owner, a company who will a charge licensing fee for the use of its software. A business will be asked to choose a monthly or annual plan which will include updates and any support needed. If you want to customize your proprietary platform there might be some costs attached. Best is to look for a solution that already offers all functionalities that you require.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a more complete solution offering more service in addition to the platform. This includes many aspects as webhosting, content, software for managing your site, and all the technical support you would need. SaaS is a cloud-based subscription model, one subscription per site/ user. It is a very comprehensive package and will consist of a certain amount of data transfer for the storage of your website. In addition, you will receive support whenever you need this.
Types of CMS
Cloud Server

Cloud CMS Types

Cloud content management systems come in two versions:

This is a package that will be on the supplier’s cloud server, and this will often have less possibilities to customize.
This is a CMS package that you will host on your own cloud server. You will find that it brings more flexibility to modify any modules, functions and even the source code.

When you have a small or medium sized business choosing a cloud-based CMS system can be extremely cost effective. This because you only must pay the set-up fees to have your CMS system implemented as you desire.

As the SaaS platform is in the cloud, maintenance can be done from any location, any technical issues can be solved extremely fast. The beauty of a cloud-based SaaS platform is that this is scalable, and you can add more websites as your business grows.

Easy to manage

Content Management Application

A Content Management Application is created for content creators, or anyone who wants to edit any content, and does not poses any technical knowledge. When using a content management application, one does not have to know anything about HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. One can edit the content in a user interface and the application will create the desired outcome.


Manage your CMS with the type of server

Content Delivery Application

A Content Delivery Application will create a complete working website through the created content and a system defined code. The application consists of instructions, which are called a template or theme. These will instruct how to process and publish the website. The outcome will be a fully working page made of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Different CMS Features

Core Features and Functionality of CMS Data

Almost all CSS systems are made with core features and functionality for the process and storage of the CMS data. Features concerning storage, publishing, and format management are all core features of CSS systems.
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Display CMS

Data Retrieval & Display CMS

An easy way to find back certain data and display it on the website as required. A user will choose a certain template, and this will define how data will be processed. Every template has its own structure and layout, and features covering the branding of the website. This is needed throughout the whole website to give a consistent brand awareness. The layout function of a template is defining in how the content will be shown on the website. Think of menu’s and product categories, or news items, which will be shown on the same location on every page. This gives the user a friendly experience, and a low bounce rate.
A CMS system can often provide contextual data, this means that it is able to showcase content in a different language then what was saved in the backend. It will be set with a user preference and can also be text being highlighted as content links, or any navigation which would be linked with the content on the screen.

Editing your cms

Content Creation & Editing in CMS

When starting with a CMS system any users who works in the backend editing the content, will create a user interface. This can address privileges like being able to edit or share content. In the CMS system a user can view an interface showing all the content code and use it to edit or add new content. This editor works like a simple Word editor, allowing a user to type in the content needed and choosing specifics as font types and links.

Choosing a Content Management system

If your business is ready to start working with a content management system, there are many factors to look at. Depending on the type of content for your website, implementation can be more complex. Websites hardly consist of only text, but when having an online business consisting of more visuals one will have a more complex implementation. By being prepared where to place what content one can overcome this challenge more easily. Having a content plan ready and knowing which content writers are responsible for which country will help a lot.

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Salesforce Implementations

Plugins & Apps and Extensions for your cms

Implementation, Maintenance, and Extension Services CMS

At Hubacwe are very capable of working with a range of CMS systems, and we use it with nearly all our projects. Through CMS platforms we can generate specific site users to create, edit and moderate all content using the most basic and easy tools as Drupal, WordPress and MediaWiki. We store our CMS data through MySQL, which is an open-source database.

Matching you with the right cms

How does Hubac work?

Based on your business model we will choose the most appropriate CMS platform giving you complete control of your content. This could be Umbraco, Sitecore, Sitefinity or any other. Implementing content management systems must be done by a specialized and experienced team of people to ensure that every phase of implementation is successful. To do so at Hubac we will first conduct a thorough analysis to map out your organizations roadmap with goals and based on this brainstorm with you, as a partner. As technology is very sensitive to change, we pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest trends and improvements for the latest CMS systems. Therefor you can be guaranteed to always be one step ahead of your competitor.



WordPress Services

A great platform to use for the creation of websites is WordPress, many businesses are choosing this because of its ease and the many different features. At ClixPlus we have over 10 years of experience building professional and responsive websites with WordPress. We have clients located all over the middle east, as in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, who have launched successful websites with WordPress through ClixPlus.
We use Elementor, Divi or WP Bakery to design and develop your website and give you the complete freedom to make any changes when needed.

Content Management Services at Hubac

Hubac WordPress Content Management System Services

Projects like the implementation of the right CMS systems need to be guided by a team of experts in the field. We will give you technical advice to solve any problems and guide you with any advice when needed.
Visuals are extremely important, your website if the business card for your client to see. You only have one chance to leave an impression. Let us help you get the best design and upgrade your brand awareness.
Next to design the website must work flawless. It must load fast, be secure and have no errors. We can help you to have a high-quality website which is always reliable.
As your design is great and the website performs impeccable, we need to assure that everything is secure. Making sure that there are no errors in the code, will ensure your website to be as secure as possible.
We can import all your content from any kind of database and system and upload this straight into WordPress.

When you are running a business the last thing you need is to worry about the technicalities of your website. Let us take care of this, giving you the time you need to make your business successful. We will backup, add security scans, and update the website where needed.


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