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Result driven Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

If you are looking for a top Leading Digital marketing agency to take your business in Dubai to the next step, look no further. Hubac Digital has decades of experience and a large portfolio of clients who all have grown successfully through a consistent and thorough marketing strategy. Hubac can help your business in Dubai by creating a digital marketing strategy to help your business grow conversions, traffic, and a higher revenue. When choosing Hubac you are guaranteed that your online business will be found by your customers, and your business will gain more leads from potential customers.



Leading SEO company in Dubai getting you Strong Results

The start of a digital marketing campaign always begins with a thorough SEO marketing. By optimizing your SEO strategy, you can ensure that you will steadily grow your online authority. This will ensure a long-term result with more qualified leads and sales through SEO. As an online business owner, you will understand that SEO optimization is one of the most crucial parts for any digital marketing campaign as it will affect every strategy in the campaign. Through effective SEO your website will appear high in ranking, making it easy for potential customers to find your business.

At Hubac we know how to optimize your website and content, ensuring that it will be found in the search engines. Through our strategic implemented campaigns your customers will be able to find you before they see your competitor. At Hubac we can help your company or business in Dubai with SEO all of which will get you high positions in search engines.



Dubai Lead generation for B2B marketing

How do you get your customer to visit your website, how do you lead him to your business? This process is called lead generation, and this can be done in multiple ways. Not all lead generation campaigns have the result of a sale, sometimes it is to build a database of potential customers which can be done through email campaigns. Potential customers can lead to becoming customers with sales.

Email campaigns can be done through paid advertisement, as an example, Facebook is often used to acquire customers to leave their email address through a paid add. That said, there are also free resources which can be utilized for organic search engine results. There are loyalty programs, and email list building platforms which can be used for lead generation campaigns. In Dubai B2B marketing and lead generation is essential to any digital marketing campaign. The numbers of B2B businesses in Dubai looking to boost their presence and grow RO. At Hubac we have our Lead Generation experts ready to create custom made strategies to help your business in Dubai grow.

Dubai PPC Paid Ads (Pay Per Click)

A part of any digital marketing campaign is the use of paid adds. This can be done, as said earlier, through Facebook adds, Google AdWords, or any other social media platform. Having a thorough understanding of the costs and results, as well as the terminology as PPC (pay per click) is extremely important to have a successful campaign. As Dubai is extremely competitive, a business will have to utilize Google Adds to compete with other businesses in the UAE or even GCC. At Hubac we will get you up and running in no time. We only need a few hours to build a campaign for you on Google Adds and you will be able to see your add running all over Dubai and beyond in no time.


Hubac E-Commerce Services in Dubai

At Hubac we can help your Ecommerce business with solutions to maximize your online revenue. We pride ourselves being a top agency that will only have one goal: making our customers successful. After more than a decade of experience, we can offer many different proven solutions ranging from ecommerce consulting to ecommerce strategy, website design, website development, custom solutions, third party system integration, site hosting, Internet marketing, and to performance control for businesses located in Dubai and other emirates.

To choose the right platforms and payment providers one must have some technical expertise. One must understand UX (user experience), be marketing driven, know how to get higher conversions and enhanced features such as advanced search options, creating top menus, social login and more. Even more important is understanding the power of consistency. You need to build your brand and awareness with a long-term vision. At Hubac we offer personalized support during and after the development process.

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Building many E-Commerce Stores across the board

Whether you have an Ecommerce business based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates or Egypt, Hubac can help you. We are specialized in building and customizing E-Commerce stores the GCC region and beyond. Our team at Hubac can work in most languages including RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew as well as the traditional LTR languages.

Ecommerce conversions

When you have an Ecommerce store you will need more conversions keeping your customers engaged with your online business, and with the goal to make a sale. Conversion is extremely important for any business, more so for an Ecommerce website. It will show the performance of your store, it will increase your ROI and give a higher domain authority. With a high DA your business shows that it is trusted by your customers, as they value the content found on your website.
For every campaign there are different ways of implementing Ecommerce marketing strategies.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It is great when you see traffic increasing to your website, but it is better when the traffic converts into customers. At Hubac we have an experienced team who are highly skilled in helping your business convert customers. We know how to optimize your website to generate more conversions by grabbing the attention of the vistors and increasing the sales.

The end goal is always the same, increase sales. The implementation of CRO is a very delicate process with small incremental changes which have a huge outcome and can make an incredible difference. At Hubac we will funnel your traffic into the desired outcome, and we do this by first increasing traffic to gain contact information and end up with sales.

Any digital marketing campaign will have CRO as a big part of it. It will make your campaign more efficient and all-inclusive through the traffic to your website. By analyzing the data of your website and making the necessary changes Hubac can increase the conversion rate of your website.

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Dubai digital marketing training services

Digital Marketing Training Courses in Dubai

In Dubai we offer extensive digital marketing courses developed by trainers who have years of experience in the field. Our trainers have years of field experience in the world of digital marketing and know exactly what works and are always up to date with the latest trends. Using real world projects and virtual simulations can successfully teach you to become a digital marketing expert.
We offer Digital Marketing training courses in Dubai, and throughout the United Arab Emirates. In addition, we provide SEO trainings for companies in Dubai and all GCC nations. Our western Digital Marketing trainers can travel to your location on demand.

SEO training

It is easy to build a website, but completely useless if a search engine cannot find it. For a website to be found, search engine optimization needs to be implemented. When your potential customer is searching online for your product or service, they can find your business through SEO. Google uses search engine indexing software, with algorithms to find and index your website, and will rank your website based on multiple factors. Knowing what these factors are, can increase your ranking and define the success for your business. The higher the ranking, the higher up in the search engine you will appear.

You can learn the fundamentals of SEO keyword research and SEO content planning to attract organic traffic to your website with Hubac.

This course is intended for anyone who has a website, or is planning to launch one, and wants to see it grow organically. We also have many students who develop websites for others and want to learn how to offer a more professional service with success.

More Digital Courses in Dubai?

Digital Transformation Training Course

Digital transformation is the implementation of digital technology into your business, and thereby changing your business model. You change how you operate and how you offer value to your clients. Many companies are changing from traditional to digital and at ClixPlus we can help one learn this in an innovative way by creating ways of monitoring and adjusting on automation.
This course is designed to give you an in depth understanding about digital transformation. How to plan and create a digital transformation strategy from start to finish for your business. With it you will be tough the pitfalls that often arise in the process when working with different stakeholders.
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WordPress Services

WordPress is one of the most used platforms to create a website. This because of the ease and many available features. At Hubac we have over 10 years of experience building responsive websites through WordPress. With clients all over the middle east, as in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, who have all launched successful websites with WordPress through Hubac.

What can you expect from Hubac?

When choosing Hubac you can be guaranteed of the following:

When building your website, we use Elementor, Divi or WP Bakery to design and develop, and give you the complete freedom to adjust where needed.


Hubac WordPress Content Management System Services

Consult and advise

The implementation of the right CMS systems needs to be guided by a team of experts who know what they are doing. Hubac give you technical advice to solve any problems and guide you with any advice when needed.

Custom Design

Visuals are extremely important as your website is the business card for your client to see. You only have one chance to leave an impression. Let us help you get the best design and upgrade your brand awareness.

Custom development

Next to design the website must work flawless. It must load fast, be secure and have no errors. We can help you to have a high-quality website which is always reliable, and thus, trustworthy.


As your design is great and the website performs impeccable, we need to assure that everything is secure. Making sure that there are no errors in the code will ensure your website to be safe for business.

Content migration

We can import all your content from any kind of database and system and upload this straight into WordPress.

Support & care

When you are running a business, you have no time to be thinking about the technicalities of your website. Let us take care of this, this will give you the time you need to make your business successful. We will always create backups, add security scans, and update the website where needed.
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