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Local SEO is aimed at attracting customers looking for your product and service in a specific area. This is often used for websites who have a physical store. By creating custom made search engine optimization strategies your businesses visibility will increase, growing your revenue. It is the way to use SEO to increase ranking online and have more customers walking into your store.
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Local SEO + Regional

Difference between Local SEO vs Regional SEO

Regional SEO focusses on a larger area then local SEO. It is depending on your business model which type of SEO you would choose. If you have an Ecommerce store shipping all over the country regional SEO is for you. On a great scale both methods work the same for a search engine, being it that a search engine will use different factors to rank your business online. For both strategies, the aim is the same, getting more visitors through search engines, who can convert into buying customers.

With Local SEO a business focuses on being found through search engines when potential customers enter local searches for the product or service. The overall methods are the same for both SEO strategies, but both have specifics for their desired result.

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Voice Search Local SEO (VSO)

Voice Search Local SEO (VSO) is the future in SEO. As most people engage online through mobile phones more hands-free solutions are created for people driving. Voice search will be available soon, where customers can conduct a search on the web through voice. VSO uses mainly long tailored keywords, as questions asked by customers can be “What restaurants are near me”. This means that you will have to optimize your site for keywords “near me” by describing your area on your site, in the tags and meta data. We call this navigational data, and this will optimize your site for local voice searches.

Another thing that needs to be thought of is that there are two types of voice searches that can be conducted. Through a search engine, or through a voice assistant, like SIRI. At Hubac SEO we can optimize your website for local search and VSO.

Why do you need LOCAL SEO?

Why use Local SEO?

Search engines get a lot of requests daily with the words “near me” showing that more customers are looking for a business close to them. When you have a physical store, it is extremely important to have your website optimized for Local SEO. We all go online first before visiting a store because we want to make smart decisions. We all want to know its location and opening hours, or what products they offer. How often have you gone online to research which store was closer, had better rating, products, and services?

To be found in these queries is done by Local SEO; getting your business highly ranked between other local businesses. Especially small businesses can get great results by implementing Local SEO to their website.
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Increase Web Traffic

When you dismiss Local SEO, you are basically competing online with companies often larger than you with a greater reach. Your business will not pop up in a search requested by someone in his lunch break trying to find your product. Simply because he will be searching for a local store and you will be ranked somewhere on the third page of Google. How often do you search beyond the second page of Google? The higher your ranking, the more visitors on your website, and eventually people visiting your store.

Your customers probably know you already

Loyal customer base

Local SEO is not just for people living in your area, searches are also conducted by people passing through and in need of your product or service. Think about it, someone living in your area probably knows that you are there, and if you can provide them with a great experience when visiting your store, they will come back. With Local SEO you can attract customers into your store. If you give them the experience they desire, you could create a long-term business relationship. And best of all is that a happy customer will spread the word and can leave valuable ratings online.
When we search online for a local store, we love to read the ratings left by previous visitors. It is a powerful tool to attract customers, and if you reply to the reviews your ranking will go higher. Using reviews for your website is a unique SEO method with proven results.
Remember the world of door-to-door advertisement? Radio and TV commercials? Traditional marketing plans are extremely costly and time consuming. Knowing that you can use the “near me” technique means you can create a marketing campaign with a high result, and lower cost. Long term your return on investment will increase even when paying adds in the search engines.

Over a decade ago we started to focus on search engine optimization, and still till this day it is the beating heart of our company. Having a specialized team of incredible dedicated members, with all real-life experience is what makes us unique, and successful. A track record of proven results, and a constant desire to improve and stay up to date with the latest skills is something we pride ourselves in.

If you chose to have a Local SEO plan with us, we will start by first getting to know your business. What is your story, what is the solution you provide to which problem? By using the latest SEO and marketing strategies we can grow your online business onto a thriving sales platform by bringing traffic to your doorstep. We use intelligent on-page SEO and extensive keyword research conducted by our Local SEO team who strategically targets your local community.
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Our LOCAL SEO Services

What can Hubac offer in Local SEO?

When choosing Hubac as your agency you will get a personal account representative. By having a personal contact, we ensure that you are understood and taken care of. Your account representative will first want to get to know you and your business to learn all about your objectives and opportunities. What your business model looks like, who your customer is, and how you see your business long term is extremely important. By understanding this we can create a custom-made marketing strategy, fitting to outgrow your competition. Diving into your previous marketing strategies is part of this as it will give us the option to show you how to improve.

Having a personal representative is a proven method of increasing the chance of success for your marketing strategy. Knowing who to speak to and being heard by someone who knows all the ins and outs will give you the trust that we care about the growth of your business.

With the implementation of SEO, we only have one aim, getting more traffic to your website to eventually increase ROI. To give you a peace of mind that we are doing so, we will provide you with monthly traffic reports. For Local SEO, the Google my Business traffic reports will be included as this is crucial for Local SEO success.
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